This, That and a Third!


Why We Can't be Mermaids?

A Mermaid swims, hair is blowing in the waves and has a sparkling tinge to it. There's also a pretty, deep blue ocean in the background. An adorable little girl is smiling and watching while she touches her hair. She says, I ...

SPEAKING ILL of the DEAD | Talking bad about someone after their death

Why do we love to gossip about dead celebrities? In this video, I explore the psychology behind why we can't seem to help ourselves from talking trash about the dead. In this video, we explore the topic of speaking ill of the...

How to Manifest Anything - Even if You Don't Believe in Magic

You may not believe in magic, but how about manifesting anything you want? In today's video, we're going to tell you how to do that. First, think about what you want to manifest. Next, visualize it in your mind. Keep visualiz...

IS THE ALGORITHM BIAS? \ Racist Machine Learning (A.I.)

We discuss how Artificial Intelligence has built-in biases based on skin tones or even where you live. Whether it's YouTube or that job you trying to get, machine learning maybe affecting your opportunity. --- Support this ...

Are TV shows getting out of hand?

Too much sex? Too much violence? When is too much, too much? Are TV shows out of hand? --- Support this podcast:

Why I Need To Stop Holding Grudges

Holding grudges can cost you a lot of time and energy, and may even cost you your life. Let's work on how to stop holding grudges. #Grudges --- Support this podcast:

What you must know about the Monkeypox!

All the things you must know about the Monkeypox! --- Support this podcast:

Is Cancel Culture a good or a bad thing?

Cancel Culture when did it start? And is it a good thing or a bad thing? Or, is it time to cancel, cancel culture? --- Support this podcast:

The Church

The church, the house of hallelujahs and praise, The sweet place of peace for some. Lets talk about it →BUY A COFFEE FOR YSG PODCAST← --- Support this podcast:

They did what! The craziest story in recent headlines

In this episode we discuss the craziest story that we recently came across, to make you say they did what! →BUY A COFFEE FOR YSG PODCAST← --- Support this podcast:

Netflix and No more chill

In this episode we'll discuss Netflix, a probable fate due to Netflix earnings report, could the be the end of Netflix and Chill as we know it. And the untimely passing Ivana Trump. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor....

HBW (7-11)

In this episode Q and I discuss Highland Park IL. shooting, the Brittney Griner case and so much more. --- Support this podcast:

So What's Next?

In this episode Q and I discuss the Supreme Court and the dismantling of Roe v. Wade. Why voting in the local elections is just as important as the country's wide elections. And, what the SCOTUS may be targeting next to overt...

A Father's Love

In this episode Q and I discuss Father's day, how it began. We also discuss why father's day is very important to celebrate and why mother's day has more sales than father's day, why it's important to have a father figure in ...

Juneteenth, do you celebrate it?

In this episode Q and I discuss Juneteenth, why some celebrate and others don't. A small history lesson on how it came to be a holiday recognized after so many years, from its origins in Texas to its broader reach throughout ...

Screw all this lets travel the world

In this episode I had the opportunity to speak with Nina Johnson of Mizz Jay's Travels for those that are debating on using a travel agent or booking your next vacation on your own, you need to watch this video. Find out the ...

Uvalde 19

In this episode I discuss the mass shooting in Uvalde and how we can prevent it from happening again and again as it has in the past. --- Support this podcast:

The Bait and Switch Theory

We discuss whether or not we have been given a bait and switch regarding current news topics, so get your tin foil hats ready and listen in! --- Support this podcast:

The Fear of Wakanda Forever

With so many theories who need enemies? In this episode we discuss rappers catching the RICO, the shooting in Buffalo also, how CRT and Replacement Theory that politicians use as talking points to get elected may be causing t...

A Mom's Tale

This is the story of the unsung hero, the tireless worker, the driver of the ship for some. The one that might have wanted to knock your teeth out and could really get away with it. This episode is dedicated to the moms, moth...

Who lies more?

In this episode we discuss do women lie more than men or, do men lie more than women. Q will be discussing the women's view point while Kenny will be standing in for the men. It's an open conversation with an honest answer, t...

The man with no mirror

In this episode we are talking about De-Santa Claus, Mickey mouse, math books and words we dare not say and, if you haven't guessed it yet it's definitely Florida. And we answer that age old question of would you fight Mike ...

48 hours

In this episode we speak with Rosa M. Green Owner of 48-Hour LLC. A business unlike any other, that helps new and aspiring business owners complete the formation of their business within 48-hours. We discuss what is in the 48...

Pork Belly talk

Who doesn't love bacon? We are talking about our inconsistent economy that just doesn't make any sense in this episode. Find out Kenny's bugged out conspiracy, Q's love of new people moving to Florida and, why gators and the ...