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What is Your Support Group podcast?

A podcast that was designed to support the little or less acknowledged people of the world. And to extend laughter, kindness and love to those that need a little bit more and to show that there is more to life than what you may be presently facing. The podcast was created by Kenny to address the empty feelings of life but it grew and developed into much, much more and he knew he needed help. Q joined and the rest is history, those two have a working history that dates back almost 10 years in various projects in film. Q was a great addition because she adds the cool to Kenny's crazy.  

About the Hosts

LaQuinta SanchezProfile Photo

LaQuinta Sanchez


LaQuinta Sanchez was born in New Orleans, LA where she lived until she joined the USAF. She attended several colleges and universities earning: AA in General Education, AS in Production Management, BS in Business Administration, and an MBA. She currently lives in the Tampa Bay Area with her husband and teen-aged children. She is also an author, poet and writer.

Kenneth WilliamsProfile Photo

Kenneth Williams


Kenneth Williams is no stranger when it comes to the stage. He is well known by others for his famous life motto: “Enjoying the Arts While Mastering the Craft.” He's been performing for audiences for over 20 years. Kenneth has also done writing, stand up comedy, improv, stage and film and, is very passionate about the message that is provided via the Your support group podcast. His captivating presence, energy, humor and words of wisdom serves as a light to others, no matter who he meets.