If Ain't No One told you today we love you!
March 24, 2022

Can it get better?

Can it get better?

A lot of time we look at things with so much purpose, 

In the grand scheme of things they are....to us, 

We fight for the little guy, 

Slap the mountains in the hope that they move, 

But, nothing ever changes....nothing. 

We pretend like things are getting better from day to day 

But, just like an addict ignoring the fact that they are an addict 

We wait for the other shoe to drop 

and the window of hope to slam shut before we say 


We've been duped into believing, I too believed but it's all a facade

The children are a great way to gauge societies mishaps

Indeed they are the procreation of lead poisoned and junkie parents 

So all they know is being glued to whatever is being told via their cellphone 

What can we do? Disconnect

Disconnect from the lies, self hatred, lunacy and irrelevant world that is so easily handed to you. 

Turn off the news, social media, or whatever "Facie-Spacey" your into 

Read and equip yourself with the knowledge that is needed to handle your day to day instead of googling it. 

Most importantly get your children back in this realm, because without them we are doomed.